Hello, and welcome to Photographic Phantasy! I hope that since you have decided to visit this site, that you take some time to browse my galleries of work, and enjoy what you see. I try to make it so every photo tells a story, be it of people, pets, or something else. What stories will you see in the photographs that you view? What stories might I be able to capture of you and yours with my camera? I hope we are able to find out the answer to the latter question together!

If you would like to know more about the process I go through as a photographer, and get a peek inside my mind as not just a photographer, but as an artist, please be sure to visit my photoblog located under musings.!

Thank you,
Samantha Genier

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Portraiture by an Artist

Here at Photographic Phantasy, it's never just about taking a photograph. It's entirely about creating art with a camera, and that art is called a portrait. It is the photographer's goal to work with you to achieve a timeless keepsake that you can cherish for years to come. Whether this keepsake is of your family, children, pets, engagement, or something else; together we can create a masterpiece. As someone who went to school to exclusively study the art of photography, and the techniques to achive a truly fine photograph, Samantha isn't just a photographer - She is a portrait artist. The masters of old held paint brushes, but as a master of today she holds a camera. Together, she is ready to work with you to create the next photograph that you can hang proudly on your walls to warm your home and cherish through the ages.

Since Photographic Phantasy is located in the scenic Saratoga Springs, NY region, the option of working outside in the natural elements is always available. With scenic areas such as the Adirondacks, Congress Park, Yaddo Gardens, and more there are any great number of places at which to create your keepsakes of a lifetime. Of course, should you desire it, the option to work indoors is always available too. With an artist working with you, the possibilities are as endless as the sky above!


Thank you Samantha for being so patient with all of our fur kids.


Recent Photographs

A selection of the most recent artwork that has been created as a sample of what can be found within the galleries. If you enjoy the work that you see here, you will be in love with what the galleries hold in store. Don't forget that you could be immortalized in such artwork as well, all it takes is contacting Samantha. Why hesitate, when there is no time like the preasent?

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